March 14, 2019
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March 14, 2019 cp-ateco

European Automotive Imports, the official distributor of Maserati performance and luxury cars in Australia and New Zealand, today announced the appointment of Katarina Kroslakova as Editor in Chief, and Publisher’s Internationalé as the media sales agency for Il Tridente, Maserati’s official magazine.

These new appointments are part of an ongoing strategy to adapt the way it communicates with its customers as the media landscape, along with luxury consumer behaviour across Australia and New Zealand, continue to evolve.

Glen Sealey, Chief Operating Officer of Maserati Australia, New Zealand and South Africa says: “Maserati recognises the importance of tailoring our communication strategy to meet significant changes in the market since Il Tridente was launched. As such, we are excited to make these two key directional changes to the publication.

“We’d like to welcome Katarina Kroslakova as Il Tridente’s Editor in Chief. With a career spanning almost 20 years writing and editing for premium lifestyle and luxury titles, including eight at the helm of AFR’s Life & Luxury and Luxury magazines, Katarina has detailed knowledge of every facet of the exclusive lifestyle enjoyed by Maserati owners and is an authoritative voice on luxury and lifestyle.

“With her lively, informative and honest style we can’t think of a more perfect person to transform Il Tridente into a lifestyle media publication that luxury consumers enjoy, accessing and engaging across a range of platforms including print and digital. Our readers are men and women from all walks of life, whose passion, skills and intelligence has enabled them to achieve a level of success and financial security where they can indulge in luxury. Under Katarina’s direction, our readers will enjoy features on motoring, travel destinations and hotels, food and wine, jewellery and watches, fashion, art, design and culture.”

Mr Sealey continues: “Additionally, we are proud to announce Publisher’s Internationalé as Il Tridente’s official media sales agency. Publisher’s Internationalé has a unique reputation, reach and understanding of the Australian and New Zealand luxury market, as well as Il Tridente’s unique offering in this space.

“With their expertise, we look forward to engaging more advertisers with a readership every bit as unique and exclusive as the cars they own, and we have no doubt that their clients will find Il Tridente a valuable and distinctive addition to their portfolio.”

The past six years have seen Maserati undergo remarkable changes. Sales in Australia have increased six-fold thanks to a blend of new models – including the Ghibli and Levante that have carried the brand into new market sectors, and the development of all-new versions of existing models such as the Quattroporte, that have further broadened and deepened its appeal.

Maserati has also taken its traditional values of exclusivity and personalisation to another level with brand new features such as Zegna silk interiors and, following an expansion of its dealer group, ensured its wider customer-base receive the ongoing top-quality service the brand is renowned for.

Overall, Maserati are finding their consumers are younger, more female-skewed and, depending on the model, up to 90 per cent are first-time Maserati owners.

Mr Sealey says: “What unifies Maserati owners is their passion for being a part of the Maserati family, and a desire to immerse themselves in all the Italian luxuries that make our brand so unique. The future of Il Tridente is to provide a platform for our customers to enjoy this community, and with a contemporary voice showcasing the quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity of our cars along with luxury travel, food and wine, art and design and other cultural pursuits that appeal to our audience.

“We are excited to have Katarina and Publisher’s Internationalé on our team to guide Il Tridente in this direction, and deliver the best results for our customers.”

Published twice a year, with a growing readership of over 35,000, Il Tridente is distributed by direct mail to customers in Australia and New Zealand and copies are available at all Maserati dealerships, selected boutique hotels and at Maserati sponsored events.