February 3, 2019
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February 3, 2019 cp-ateco

The Parramatta Lions will be able to spend more time on the road to making Parramatta a better place to live, work and grow, raising funds for a wide range of charities and providing vital assistance in emergencies thanks to LDV Parramatta which has provided the Parramatta Lions with a brand new LDV G10 van to use for their work.

The new LDV G10 represents a double milestone, with it joining the Parramatta Lions as they mark 60 years of local community service and their new G10 is the 10,000th new LDV to be delivered in Australia since China’s largest vehicle maker launched its commercial vehicle division in Australia just three years ago.

To celebrate these milestones as well as acknowledging the international work carried out by the Lions globally, the vehicle was presented to Parramatta Lions President, Shabeen Wahid, by Yao Liwan, the Chief Financial Officer of LDV’s parent company, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Company, and in presence of the President of LDV Maxus, Lan Qingsong, both of whom travelled from China for presentation.

“The Parramatta Lions could not be more honoured not just to receive this LDV G10 to help us with our work, but also for the recognition of our work by the most senior executives in one of the world’s largest companies,” says Shabeen Wahid, President of the Parramatta Lions. “Both Mr Lan and Mr Yao were keenly interested in our work as we explained to them how the LDV G10 will be used to benefit the community in Parramatta by expanding and extending the work we carry out along with fund raising exercises and how it could be called upon to assist with emergency programmes. Community involvement by business is clearly as important for them as it is for the Parramatta Lions.”

Parramatta is playing a key role in the growth of LDV in Australia, with the company investing in two sites in Parramatta. Its sales site in Church Street is undergoing a multi-million redevelopment to provide an all-new showroom and display centre, while in River Road West, LDV Parramatta has opened a new service centre for the burgeoning numbers of LDV vehicles in Western Sydney.

“LDV Parramatta is now part of this community, through both the vehicles and services we provide and the people we employ locally,” says Ian Mason, Dealer Principal of LDV Parramatta. “But to be really part of the Parramatta community we know that this is not enough and we are both proud and pleased to be able to support the Parramatta Lions. For 60 years this organization has worked selflessly to help make Parramatta the thriving, diverse and supportive community that it is today. The provision of this G10 to help them grow their work and the acknowledgment of this by the most senior LDV executives from China is clear and unequivocal statement of what the Lions have done for Parramatta over the past six decades and what they will do for Parramatta in the future.”

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